5 Tips For Timeless Style

مارس 08, 2015

1. Stay true to your own interests. 

Don’t just go with the trend. Stick with what you know you loved when you were younger, what you love now and what you imagine you will always love. That way you won’t have to throw big bags full of clothes away after the season.

2. Don't be afraid to wear trousers. 

Trousers in the office are structured and chic. Don’t think of trousers as being ‘too masculine’. The androgynous look can be extremely stylish. Pair cigarette trousers with a fitted shirt and court heels for an iconic look. As seen on Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss. We love our Hadley trousers for work. 

3. Only invest in pieces you know you'll wear more than once.

You love heels? But can you walk in heels? No? Then don’t buy multiple pairs; find 1 or 2 (ok maybe 3) comfy pairs of heels that can be worn with everything and make them your ‘go to’ shoes. If you're not sure what shoes to wear choose a classic pair of black brogues or loafers.

4. Accept hand me downs.

Some of the most priceless items you can own are items that aren’t available to buy anymore. If your mother or your grandmother tells you she's planning on taking stuff to the charity shop, make sure you have a rummage through to see if there's any secret treasures in there before hand. 

5. Always wear your outfits with confidence.

Arguably the most important point; being confident in anything you do is an attractive quality. This also means making sure you feel confident in what you wear so that you don't have to try so hard to look confident. Nothing ruins an outfit more than seeing somebody look uncomfortable in it.


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