Connie Nam

Connie is wearing our Wilder Dress in Indigo (from our AW '14 collection) 

Describe your job in a few lines?

I'm the founder and CEO of Astrid & Miyu, a contemporary jewellery brand.  My main role is to hire and keep smart people, support them so they can grow and help grow the brand. 

What’s been the highlight of your career so far? 

First is founding Astrid & Miyu 3 years ago.  Next is getting Astrid & Miyu into major retailers in the UK this year.  We launched in 20 House of Fraser stores in May, and we are launching in Topshop at the end of July.  We've got more to come!

What piece of career advice would you give to your 20 year old self? 
1. No job is too little for you, as there's always something to learn from any job.
2. So do the best you can in your job, and don't be afraid to do the right thing.
3. Try to be in a growth company or sector where you can experience a steep learning curve.
4. Be open-minded and be nice to many people around you: you never know who will connect you to the next job or business idea.

Whose style do you admire the most?

Miroslava Duma / Kate Moss / Sienna Miller


What has been your worst office fashion faux pas?

Not that I can think of! 

Should office wear be fashionable or functional?

Both.  A good way to achieve this is to mix elegant yet functional dresses with funkier accessories and jewellery.  For example, I would wear Libby London's Wilder Indigo Dress with my classic Jimmy Choo pumps a vintage Chanel handbag in cream colour, with of course, Astrid & Miyu jewellery.  I love the fact that Libby London dresses look fabulous, but are also low maintenance.

If you had to choose working with all women or all men, which would it be? 

All women.  I used to work in investment banking mostly with men.  I enjoyed that too, but I love the collaborative and creative environment that women bring at my current company.

What’s your fantasy alternative job?

I'd love to be a dancer or some sort of performer, if talent was not a constraint.

Connie's Accessories

Ring: Triple Bewitched Ring by Astrid & Miyu

Necklace: Pure Eternity by Astrid & Miyu

Bracelet: Vanity Fair by Astrid & Miyu

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