Marine Tanguy


Tell us about your childhood and what you wanted to be when you ‘grew up'.

Picture an island full of birds, tall grass and super high skies as you cycle through them. I was born on Ile de Re in France. As a child, I was already super sensitive visually and I wished to make a job of it, specifically supporting artists and creatives. 

What moved you to start MTArt Agency?

I managed my first gallery at age 21 under Steve Lazarides, who discovered Banksy and JR. I then opened my first art gallery in Los Angeles at age 23 where I was lucky to be mentored by Michael Ovitz himself. After seeing the restrictiveness of the traditional gallery model, I launched MTArt Agency in 2015 to build reputations of the most incredible artists and to inspire everyone through their art. I felt that the art world was too traditional in the way that it managed talents and that the visual sector - that is the urban realm, advertising sector and digital world - were poorly leveraged by visual arts professionals. So, MTArt Agency was born. Fast forward to today – MTArt Agency is the art sector's leading talent agency representing some of the most talented, forward-thinking artists in the world, working with global organisations and cities, and nurturing its international community of art-lovers and collectors.


What were some of the early lessons you learnt about running a business?

I learn lessons everyday, not just in the early days and I love it! Constantly learning is one of my favourite things about my job.

Run us through a typical day at work. 

There is not a typical day at work, every single day I open my diary and start the day in a different location then rushing back to the office. Or I might be abroad launching a campaign or a public art project,  with art collectors or in the studio of my artists. Variety is the beauty of being CEO of a talent agency.

What have been some career highlights so far?

I have highs and joys everyday. I couldn’t do this job if there were only a few big highlights per year. Every deal we win, every team member who loves what they do, scaling, and even challenges can be highlights as they help me push the company even further.



Marine wears our  Avon Pink Top now £69 was £89, 

and Compton Red and Coral Skirt, now £98 was £145.



What is your go to workwear style? 

I love to play around, from romantic dresses to suits and jeans. Work is my life and so my wardrobe is representative of my that.

My top tip for transitioning from day to night…

A good pair of heels is my go to.

What do you like to do to wind down at weekends or after work? 

I enjoy seeing my kids, cycling, walking around Manchester Square at sunset, reading and dancing.

How do you juggle motherhood and running your own business?

Why don't we ask this question to men too?

What is your favourite Libby outfit at the moment?

I adore the Navy and Ivory Clerkenwell Dress, or the Twyford skirt for when I need something that will go with anything.

Lastly, what is your key piece of advice for other women in business?

I prefer not to advise others as we are all so different and on various paths. But it's a joy to see more and more women leading businesses.

Marine wears the Finchley Ivory Jacquard Dress,

now £159 was £215

Marine wears Clerkenwell Navy and Ivory Shirt  Dress, £225


Photographer: Olivia Bossert
Location: MT Art Agency, London
Accessories: Marine's own

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