May 25, 2017

Be the best dressed guest

Some weddings and summer season events can feel like a catwalk show.  Boost your confidence by teaming your Libby dress with the right tonal accessories.  We recommend investing in premium hats, bags and shoes that you can wear again and again with different outfits.
Style 1 
Libby London Dress - Melody
Shoes - Jimmy Choo
Clutch - Jimmy Choo
Hair Piece - Jane Taylor Cynarina
Style 2
Libby London Dress - Halkin
Shoes - Saint Laurent
Clutch - Alia
Hat - Jane Taylor Galaxea
Style 3
Libby London Dress - Pelham Pale Blue
Shoes - Gianvito
Clutch - Dune
Hair Piece - Chesca Sinamay

Style 4 

Libby London Dress - Penfold Blush

Shoes - Jimmy Choo

Clutch - Oscar De La Renta

Hair Piece - Chesca


March 07, 2017

Why do we need International Women’s Day in 2017?

International women’s day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the issues and obstacles that continue to affect the lives of girls and women every day. We’ve compiled ten reasons why we think it’s still relevant.

1. Women in Iran still have to ask their husbands' permission to leave the country.

2. We want the UNs 50:50 equality plan to happen before 2030 – if we continue at the current rate it will take 118 years to close the economic gap between men and women, according to a the World Economic Forum.

3. More than 700 million women alive today were married before they were 18 - about 1 in 3 of them before she was 15 - according to Unicef.

4. Of an estimated 101 million children not in school, more than half are girls - Unicef.

5. There are still 200 million girls and women living with the consequences of female genital mutilation.

6. In the UK, the 13.9% pay gap meant that in 2016, women effectively worked for free from 10 November until the end of the year.

7.  In Nigeria over a third of girls aged 15 -19 are illiterate according to a report by charity The Girl Effect

8.  Maternity leave for both women and men- new mothers in America are entitled to less than three weeks off at an average full wage rate under Donald Trump's family leave plan.

9. In England and Wales alone, two women are killed every week by a current or former partner

10. Finally - to celebrate all of those who came before us, and everything they achieved.

As Amal Clooney said in her stand for the War crimes committed against the Yazdi women. ‘‘The worst thing that we can do as women is not stand up for each other. And this is something that we can practice every day no matter where we are or what we do. Because if we are united, there is no limit to what we can do.”

Happy International Women’s day! We look forward to celebrating International Men’s Day 19th November 2017.

February 23, 2017

Style & The City

Inspired by vivid colours and contemporary designs seen at London Fashion Week, we have pulled together some of our most iconic pieces which are sure to keep you stylish in the city. Whether you are going for a modern twist on a classic look or a bold and beautiful style, take a look at how we styled them below:
Melody Dress - Libby London
Bracelet - Mizuki
Midi Zurich Tote - Milli Milliu
Court Shoes - Jimmy Choo 
Savoy Trousers - Libby London
Brook Top - Libby London
Mother Of Pearl Earings - Ippolita 
Patent Leather Pumps - Christian Louboutin 
Hampton Dress - Libby London 
Necklace - Cornelia Webb 
Leather Tote - Mansur Gavriel 
Suede Court Shoes - Jimmy Choo
February 16, 2017

Behind The Scenes: SS17 Photoshoot

Our Spring/Summer 17 collection is full of clean lines and contemporary styles, so for our campaign photo shoot we wanted  to add a rustic element. Loft Studios photography spaces had a beautiful studio with a mix of infinity walls, classic flats and an amazing pink, rustic wall which fit in completely with the blush pink that we are re-introducing for SS17.
Take a sneak peak at behind the scenes shots from the day. Some of our exciting
pieces are now available for pre-order so take a look!


January 17, 2017

Office entrepreneur? Our tips on styling your work space

Use your office space as your business playground, an area to keep you focused, motivated and dedicated to your profession.

Your everyday surroundings play a vital part of your working life; this can affect your mood, confidence and motivation in business.

Firstly styling is essential; let your desk be your muse inspiration for work. Brighter colours connote positivity so offices tend to keep to whites, creams and pastels. Additionally a complimentary pop of colour could also be effective in this space. 

Lighting can be used to enhance bright and airy colours, notice in most of our top inspiration images windows are used to open even the smallest of office spaces. You can achieve this technique without windows by layering your lighting with the use of wall and desk lamps, not only does this open up your work space but also creates a modern and sophisticated twist to your area.

The final touches can transform your daily performance, keeping to your chosen theme selecting large storage space and organisers for your desks will keep your paperwork, stationary and anything else in between in their rightful places. A rail or cupboard to hang your blazers or coats also come in handy. 

Lastly, inspire yourself everyday with artwork to fit your workspace or even plants for relaxation to add calming vibes. The use of art, plants, magazines and lighting can liven up your workplace in minutes and achieve your office space goals.

November 28, 2016

How to Utilize Social Media for work

Within the years of the social media rise, it has become easier to adapt your identity online. Use this as a personal advantage by filtering your social media accounts to be work place friendly, nowadays anyone is searchable so make sure you are showcasing yourself by promoting your top interests and highlighting your most impressive skills. 

Once you have decided what social medias to use, ensure you are posting consistently and engaging on important topics relevant to your career path such as current affairs. For example on Linkedin, you have the opportunity to show your work colleagues your engagement into industry issues or sharing things you find amusing that displays your personality. 

Our final tip that we recommend is using key words targeted at your specific industry in your bio, interest sections or profiles. Individuals who are tech-savvy will be using their skills to locate your online identity so be sure to impress them.  

October 26, 2016

City Style: Functionality vs Fashion

Working in the city and having great style isn't as easy as it looks in movies or in the pages of a glossy fashion magazine. This is where functionality is more important than fashion. 
Firstly, one of the most essential parts of your look has to also be the most practical is footwear. Stilettos may look amazing for street style but are they the most sensible to commute in? We advise giving your feet a break and taking a handy pair of flats with you for your journeys. 
Practical handbags vs smaller fashion totes, most top fashionable spreads for work-wear promote gorgeous smaller luxury goods. Although there are practical handbags on the luxury fashion radar, many accompanied by a simple design and shade to compliment your work uniform or attire. 

Our top city tip for safety, is to look for a zip or inner pockets to safeguard your belongings from pickpockets, usually tote bags tend to not include this safety feature. 

Lastly, compartments end up being your best friend. Organization is essential in a busy day in both leisure and business, knowing exactly where your things are inside your bag not only saves time but peace of mind. 

August 11, 2016

5 Fantastic tips to boost your early mornings

Unmotivated mornings, tiredness and a sinking feeling is no way to start the day. Early mornings can be made a little easier with a few simple tips.

1. Organising your handbag the night before can take the edge off your early start, speeds up your getting ready time and means nothing is forgotten.

2. Secondly, allowing the morning’s natural light into your bedroom first thing rather than turning on a bright white lamp will ease you awake more gently.

3. Checking your diary first thing gives you structure and focus for the day ahead.

4. Breakfast is key, the healthier the better but eating anything is better than nothing.  A healthy start to the day gives your body the essential vitamins and minerals to kick start your metabolism, this also prevents you from overeating later on.

5. Making a to-do list on your commute in will really organise your brain and help reduce that overwhelming feeling of having too much to do and too little time. 

August 03, 2016

Why taking a break is essential

To all you workaholics and high performers, taking a break is essential to re-charge your batteries and wind down, this can make you succeed further in your work and help you perform to a higher standard.

There are many reasons to take a break out of your busy work schedules both for your personal life and working career. A week off or weekend away can help build bonds with family or friends and benefit your overall wellbeing and stress release. Mental wellbeing is an important aspect to a successful mind and taking a break has proved to be essential to maintaining productivity.

Staying on schedule is not always the most responsible option; a balanced lifestyle is the healthier and happier route to success. A break doesn't have to be a luxury holiday abroad, it could be as simple as going on a run in the local city park, reading a new book or finding a different kind of escape to stimulate your mind away from a working routine. Upon returning back to work, you will feel more confident, relaxed and ready to work.

July 07, 2016

AW16 Photoshoot - Behind the Scenes

This season, we drew our inspiration from beautiful tweeds created by mills in Yorkshire, reflecting the brand's British heritage. Tweed is inherently a cool weather fabric, which is both functional and very flattering when combined with elegant draping, pleating and asymmetry.

Our photoshoot was held in a beautiful photography studio in East London. We covered flats in our classic British wool which created clean backdrops.

Take a look below for some behind the scenes shots of our lovely model Anne. We have so many new and exciting styles to come in Autumn/Winter 2016!



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