How We Styled Kiki McDonough

Exquisite jewellery for everyday, Kiki McDonough creates beautiful and wearable designs. We have paired our favourite pieces with our classic dresses to create everyday luxury.

Kensington Dress £195 - Libby London

Luna Green Amethyst Oval Necklace £1700 - Kiki McDonough

Richmond Dress £198 - Libby London

Grace White Topaz Stud Earring £795 - Kiki McDonough


Grosvenor Dress £198 - Libby London

Eternal Blue Topaz New Style Stacking Ring £1100 - Kiki McDonough 


Chepstow Dress £198 - Libby London

Eternal Green Amethyst Round Bangle £1700 - Kiki McDonough