Respect your care label

We have all made the mistake of putting something that is dry clean only in the washing machine, haven't we? Or cutting out the care label because it itches only to then have no idea how it's meant to be washed. We all know that if the care label in your dress says 'DRY CLEAN ONLY' there is a good reason behind it. And that is that the fabric and/or trimmings specific to that garment cannot stand up to the harsh conditions of your washing machine. And your dry cleaner will take special care to clean them with techniques you can’t recreate at home.

A good indicator of whether or not something will be machine washable is the fabric that it is made out of; Cotton, Linen, Cashmere, Polyester, Acrylic and Nylon are usually safe to wash. Whereas; Silk, Acetate, Velvet, Wool and Taffeta will tend to be dry clean only materials.

Where trimmings are concerned, following the care label advice is definitely advised. For example sequins, if they are glued on rather than sewn they will most likely fall off when washed so tend to be dry clean only.

To make your lives a little easier many of our garments are machine washable but unfortunately not all. We find it hard to find beautiful fabric that can be machine washable so we spend extra time sourcing them especially for you. So please take some extra time to wash them right. 

Below are some examples of our dresses that need that extra bit of TLC.

Lewis Dress: Hand washable                                   Ottery Dress: Hand washable 
Miller Dress: Dry clean only                                    Jenny Dress: Dry clean only