City Style: Functionality vs Fashion

Working in the city and having great style isn't as easy as it looks in movies or in the pages of a glossy fashion magazine. This is where functionality is more important than fashion. 
Firstly, one of the most essential parts of your look has to also be the most practical is footwear. Stilettos may look amazing for street style but are they the most sensible to commute in? We advise giving your feet a break and taking a handy pair of flats with you for your journeys. 
Practical handbags vs smaller fashion totes, most top fashionable spreads for work-wear promote gorgeous smaller luxury goods. Although there are practical handbags on the luxury fashion radar, many accompanied by a simple design and shade to compliment your work uniform or attire. 

Our top city tip for safety, is to look for a zip or inner pockets to safeguard your belongings from pickpockets, usually tote bags tend to not include this safety feature. 

Lastly, compartments end up being your best friend. Organization is essential in a busy day in both leisure and business, knowing exactly where your things are inside your bag not only saves time but peace of mind.