How to be a great leader

July 04, 2019

How to be a great leader

Trust your employees to do their jobs and don’t micromanage. Letting go of control can be difficult, especially if you started the business yourself, but giving your staff space and freedom to make decisions and manage their own workflow will allow them to flourish and feel more confident and enthusiastic.

Don’t gossip. Never make passing comments about an employee’s performance. If someone is underperforming or making mistakes, be straight with them and work together to determine where the problems lie. You will get better results and your will staff will feel more connected to you.

Create a diverse environment. It’s easy to hire staff who are a reflection of yourself; they feel comfortable, less risky and their behaviour more predictable. But, great leaders understand that a diverse pool of talent creates better solutions and results. Why? Because you have a group of people who all think differently and solve problems in diverse ways, but who all have the same shared goal.

Reflect on your behavior. Be willing to grow and adapt. Accept when you are wrong, lead by example and your employees will want follow you.

Be generous with your time. Even when you have a hectic lifestyle and a frantic schedule, make time to engage with your employees, share your knowledge and expertise with them and thus they will grow alongside your business.

Be courageous. Great leaders dare to be different; they know that taking risks is a significant contributor to success.


Most importantly, the key to being a great leader is acting as part of the team. Removing the “us and them” culture, which can occur between management and staff, is a key aspect of leadership. Set an example, work hard, finish your jobs on time and don’t delegate tasks you dislike doing. This builds respect, resulting in fulfilled employees who are happy in their work and keen to achieve the results you want.

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