January 17, 2017

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Office entrepreneur? Our tips on styling your work space

Use your office space as your business playground, an area to keep you focused, motivated and dedicated to your profession.

Your everyday surroundings play a vital part of your working life; this can affect your mood, confidence and motivation in business.

Firstly styling is essential; let your desk be your muse inspiration for work. Brighter colours connote positivity so offices tend to keep to whites, creams and pastels. Additionally a complimentary pop of colour could also be effective in this space. 

Lighting can be used to enhance bright and airy colours, notice in most of our top inspiration images windows are used to open even the smallest of office spaces. You can achieve this technique without windows by layering your lighting with the use of wall and desk lamps, not only does this open up your work space but also creates a modern and sophisticated twist to your area.

The final touches can transform your daily performance, keeping to your chosen theme selecting large storage space and organisers for your desks will keep your paperwork, stationary and anything else in between in their rightful places. A rail or cupboard to hang your blazers or coats also come in handy. 

Lastly, inspire yourself everyday with artwork to fit your workspace or even plants for relaxation to add calming vibes. The use of art, plants, magazines and lighting can liven up your workplace in minutes and achieve your office space goals.