The Best Products to Pack for an In-flight Skincare Routine

July 15, 2019

The Best Products to Pack for an In-flight Skincare Routine

Most, if not all of us, have had struggles with airport security and the dreaded liquids allowance. Carrying skincare essentials as well as make-up in your carry-on can be frustrating at the best of times.

The stale air and shared personal space within the cabin does not do our skin any favours. Ensuring you have a good skincare travel kit is essential to keep you looking fresh and hydrated getting off your flight.

After take-off, start your routine by cleansing the skin thoroughly. Use La Mer Cleansing foam, £20, to leave the skin soft, plumped and refreshed. Flying causes the skin to become easily dehydrated, so cleansing will help products to be absorbed to their full potential.

Using the right face mask is vital. Most people leave sheet masks on for too long, not realising the air is drying the mask onto their skin. This will have the opposite effect leaving your skin even more dehydrated. This Peter Thomas Stem Cell Bio Repair Gel Mask, £45, helps rebuild moisture barriers, tightens pores and comes in the perfect travel size.

Following on from your mask, apply a lightweight serum that packs a punch. Since launching in the UK last year, Drunk Elephant has had glowing reviews. Try this B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum, £44, before applying an oil product.

Next, seal the deal with a hydrating oil like Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil, £38. Strong and nourishing, it’s the perfect product at any altitude.

Finish with a moisturiser to lock it all in. Aesop’s Elemental Facial Barrier Cream, £43, conditions skin and provides a soothing barrier of protection for the flight ahead.

In preparation for landing, freshen the skin with these This Works cleansing pads, £18. Not counting as a liquid, these are perfect to give your skin a once over. From here, re-apply the Drunk Elephant serum and use this Body Shop Facial Massager, £16, to wake up the face.

To achieve a sun-kissed glow, finish with Bare Minerals Concealer, £23, and add some Glossier Haloscope Highlighter, £18, infused with crystal extracts.

Simple tricks like bringing products that don’t count towards your liquid allowance and tester samples are the way to go! Replace your many serums and moisturisers with sheet masks that act in multiple ways.



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