Why taking a break is essential

To all you workaholics and high performers, taking a break is essential to re-charge your batteries and wind down, this can make you succeed further in your work and help you perform to a higher standard.

There are many reasons to take a break out of your busy work schedules both for your personal life and working career. A week off or weekend away can help build bonds with family or friends and benefit your overall wellbeing and stress release. Mental wellbeing is an important aspect to a successful mind and taking a break has proved to be essential to maintaining productivity.

Staying on schedule is not always the most responsible option; a balanced lifestyle is the healthier and happier route to success. A break doesn't have to be a luxury holiday abroad, it could be as simple as going on a run in the local city park, reading a new book or finding a different kind of escape to stimulate your mind away from a working routine. Upon returning back to work, you will feel more confident, relaxed and ready to work.