July 08, 2017

Afternoon Tea with a view

''Its always tea time'' Afternoon Tea was introduced in the early 1840s by Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford however it was only when Queen Victoria engaged in the Afternoon Tea that it became a formal occasion which was then known as 'tea receptions'.  View full article →
May 25, 2017

Be the best dressed guest

Some weddings and summer season events can feel like a catwalk show.  Boost your confidence by teaming your Libby dress with the right tonal accessories.  We recommend investing in premium hats, bags and shoes that you can wear again and again with different outfits. View full article →
March 07, 2017

Why do we need International Women’s Day in 2017?

International women’s day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the issues and obstacles that continue to affect the lives of girls and women every day. We’ve compiled ten reasons why we think it’s still relevant. View full article →
February 23, 2017

Style & The City

Inspired by vivid colours and contemporary designs seen at London Fashion Week, we have pulled together some of our most iconic pieces which are sure to keep you stylish in the city. Whether you are going for a modern twist on a classic look or a bold and beautiful style, take a look at how we styled them... View full article →
February 16, 2017

Behind The Scenes: SS17 Photoshoot

Our Spring/Summer 17 collection is full of clean lines and contemporary styles, so for our campaign photo shoot we wanted  to add a rustic element. Loft Studios photography spaces had a beautiful studio with a mix of infinity walls, classic flats and an amazing pink, rustic wall which fit in completely with the blush pink that we are re-introducing for SS17. View full article →
January 17, 2017

Office entrepreneur? Our tips on styling your work space

Use your office space as your business playground, an area to keep you focused, motivated and dedicated to your profession. Your everyday surroundings play a vital part of your working life; this can affect your mood, confidence and motivation in business.  View full article →
November 28, 2016

How to Utilize Social Media for work

Within the years of the social media rise, it has become easier to adapt your identity online. Use this as a personal advantage by filtering your social media accounts to be work place friendly, nowadays anyone is searchable so make sure you are showcasing yourself by promoting your top interests and highlighting your most impressive skills.  View full article →
October 26, 2016

City Style: Functionality vs Fashion

Working in the city and having great style isn't as easy as it looks in movies or in the pages of a glossy fashion magazine. This is where functionality is more important than fashion.  View full article →
August 11, 2016

5 Fantastic tips to boost your early mornings

Unmotivated mornings, tiredness and a sinking feeling is no way to start the day. Early mornings can be made a little easier with a few simple tips. View full article →
August 03, 2016

Why taking a break is essential

To all you workaholics and high performers, taking a break is essential to re-charge your batteries and wind down, this can make you succeed further in your work and help you perform to a higher standard. View full article →