Conservative women

The new conservative government brings in a new wave of female MPs ready to make a big difference in many aspects of life in Britain. As secretaries of state, these powerful women are each responsible for a different department of government and could bring in some new changes that could affect us all.

Elizabeth Truss has been the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs since 2014 and has already made quite an impact in the sector. Notably she has declared that humans have contributed to the current global warming situation which has caused some controversy as it appears to contradict her predecessor's opinion on the subject. Her views on agriculture have also created some contention as she announced that land would be better used for growing crops than investing in solar panels with taxpayer's money. This idea is backed up by her plans to encourage production and exportation of British food such as cheese and apples.


Amber Rudd, the new Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, is renowned for her interest in renewable energy. Her plans include encouraging solar panels to be used in more homes in Britain and she is also considering to get rid of the wind power industry, although this idea is being disputed by some. She has recently been in the news for giving the go-ahead for a £1 billion project in Swansea Bay to create a tidal energy scheme which would involve building a six-mile long wall off the Welsh coast. 


Nicky Morgan is the current Secretary of State for Education and also the Minister for Women and Equalities so has a big impression on the school system and women's policies. Originally training in law at Hugh's College, Oxford, she worked as a solicitor for 14 years before being elected as Conservative MP for Loughborough in 2010. Her main ideas include inspiring girls to take part in TEST subjects more and ensuring there is equality across male and female work policies.


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