September 30, 2015

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5 Ways To Utilise Your Commute

London commuters spend most of their time on the move. The average commute grew to a total of 211 hours per year (or more than one month’s full-time work), according to research by the TUC published in November 2014. That’s a lot of time. It’s time you could be using to do something to invest in yourself. Here's how you can maximise your commute time:



1. Learn a Language

There are many apps and audio tapes out there which provide a basic foundation for learning a language. Duolingo is a great app which allows you to choose from many languages and teaches writing, listening and speaking skills which can be done on the go!

2. Exercise

Studies have shown that workers who walk or bike to work are much healthier and feel they have more productive days when doing so. For rail or bus riders, get off a couple of stops early and take a 15 minute stroll.

3. Learn about something you have always been interested in

Download podcasts and audio tapes about something you have always been interested in and never had the time to learn.

4. Take up a hobby or Read

Whether its knitting or doing something else crafty that can be done with ease on the train, taking up a fun hobby or reading will definitely relax you before and after a full day of work.

5. Chill out

For the time you are lucky and you get on a very quiet tube and you actually have some personal space, take that time to relax and reflect on your day.