Tried & Tested: Tights on Trial

April 17, 2014

 With an office full of women dedicated to making life for the busy career girl easier, who better to test out and find the best products, places and timesavers than us?

This month we're tackling hosiery. Tights are an office must and can often pinch on our waists, wrinkle around our ankles or ladder before breakfast. 

We've done the hard work for you and picked our top four pairs.

See the results of our testing below...

Autograph 7 Denier Ladder Resist Bare Cooling Bodyshaper Tights
£5 a pair

When we saw this pair from Marks & Spencer promising bodyshaping AND ladder resist we had to see for ourselves whether they would deliver. Don't expect Spanx from these tights, but do expect the waist to sit flat and pull you in without feeling uncomfortable. The ladder resist definitely works and these will last you, so at £5 is a good investment.
Overall, these are a great pair of nude tights - good colour and deliver on the body sculpting and ladder resist - a real winner! 


John Lewis 7 Denier Barely There Non-Slip Tights
£5 a pair

Widely rumoured to be a certain Duchess's hosiery of choice, we couldn't resist trying these out. These give your legs a suitable Royal sheen and didn't snag or ladder at all, despite how thin they are, and with gel stripes across the soles which prevent the tights slipping down throughout the day, we were impressed with how well they stayed put without having to find a corner of the office to awkwardly pull them up.
A broader colour choice would be good, but Overall they last well and are a good choice for spring/summer dressing.


Debenhams Natural 7 Denier Bum, Tum & Thigh Shaping Tights 
£6.50 a pair

The waistband of tights can cause problems, so we were intrigued to try these shaping pair from Debenhams. The result? Boy, do these suck you in! The top of these down to the thigh is made from extremely thick material, which does work shaping-wise but is almost too much for wearing for a whole day. The waist sits well but problems occur with the front and back seams as they can be visible through some more fitted garments.
Overall, these tights do what they say, but the seams cause problems and they feel too restrictive for a whole day.


Wolford Sheer 15 Tights 
£15 a pair

As a brand dedicated to lingerie and hosiery it was only right that we tested a pair of Wolford tights. The most expensive of our picks, the tights felt good against the skin and had a nice texture to them. There are loads of colours to pick from, so most skin tones are covered, and they feature a thicker waistband which sits flat against the body - thumbs up! On the downside, as a pair with a high denier than the others tested and at a steeper price point, you would think there would be a ladder resist element to these, and sadly, as we found out, there isn't. 
Overall, a nice feeling pair of tights, but they should last longer for the money.


Next Month: We look at Summer Makeup Products


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