Harness the power of dressing up to become the best version of yourself

Mai 13, 2021

Harness the power of dressing up to become the best version of yourself

Just as we judge others by the clothes they wear, we also apply the same stereotypes and qualities to ourselves. Thoughtful adjustments to our appearance can not only make us feel like a better version of ourselves and project that out to other people, but it can even affect our behaviour for the better too.

Here are 5 positive qualities that we can nurture through dressing up:


1. Optimism

Research has proven that wearing warm, bright colours can boost your mood through encouraging the release of dopamine, the feel-good hormone. Instead of always gravitating towards fail-safe black and navy clothes, start intentionally experimenting with colours that you may usually shy away from. In addition to block colours, prints and patterns are also an easy way to inject colour into your wardrobe.

Outfit ideas to increase optimism:


2. Confidence

It is important to choose clothes that flatter your skin tone and body shape. Everyone has insecurities, which we can cleverly divert attention away from with the right design details and silhouettes. By enhancing your strengths, we can create a balanced profile and minimise self-consciousness, allowing you to focus on more important things throughout your day.

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3. Productivity

A great outfit will energise you and enhance your work game. It is proven that people who dress up deliver better. When you are completely prepared and look the part, you will fulfil the stereotypes that are associated with someone who is formally dressed; successful, organised, self-motivated – to name a few. You’ll find yourself being able to think clearer, have better ideas and your energy will last the duration of the day.

Outfit ideas to increase productivity:


4. Authority

Just as smart, tailored clothes increase productivity, they will also help you to become a more successful, authoritative leader. Not only will you take yourself more seriously and have more confidence in your abilities, but so will your team. It is proven that people are more likely to trust and listen to someone if they are well dressed.

Outfit ideas to command attention:


5. Sociability

Finally, if you are happier and more confident in yourself, you will be more enjoyable to be around and you are more likely to enjoy the company of others. You will find yourself accepting more and more social invitations, from lunch meetings to afterwork drinks, all of which are integral to maintaining a good work-life balance.

Desk to dinner outfit ideas:


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