Style clinic: uplifting an outfit with details

Mai 26, 2021

Style clinic: uplifting an outfit with details

Here at Libby London, we pride ourselves on the time and effort dedicated to perfecting every little detail on our garments from statement fastenings and lining colour, to hem length and neck shape. We believe that true luxury can be found in the thoughtful touches, and that this detail-oriented approach makes our designs a cut above the rest.

When dressing for work, the details of a garment can uplift a simple outfit into something special. Here we highlight some of the details across our SS21 collection, and show you how they can shape the way you look and feel...


Camber Dress

The draped wrap waist panel on the Camber dress is carefully positioned to flatter the décolletage and waist, making Camber the ultimate confidence booster.



Connaught Jacket

This season’s Connaught jacket in Summer Jacquard is embellished with premium marled buttons, sourced from the family run British button company that we’ve worked with closely for over a decade.


Serpentine Dress

The delicate frayed trim around the cuff of our Serpentine dress adds another layer to the already luxurious Japanese jacquard.


Hamble Skirt

The gold D-ring buckle on the silky, sartorial Hamble wrap skirt transforms it into a special investment piece that you’ll love forever.


Fairfax Jacket

The chunky belt on the Fairfax jacket is intricately sewn to the bodice to create clever ruching which cinches the waist.


Allington Dress

The subtle shoulder pleats on the Allington dress compliment the  V-neck shape in elongating the upper body. 


Devon Dress

The ruffle hem on the Devon wrap dress balances the easy-wear, floaty silhouette with a touch of femininity and formality.


Plymouth Top

The notched collar bound in a slightly darker trim upgrades Plymouth from a versatile wardrobe basic to a super chic, statement top.


Wiltshire Dress

The wrap front of the Wiltshire dress subtly adds an extra layer which conceals and flatters the tummy and thigh areas, fixed in place with a gold buckle for a touch of elegance.

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