Jo Vyvyan-Robinson

Jo is wearing our Thames Dress, £198

Describe your job in a few lines?

I am an associate director at freuds where I lead an 18-strong team to develop and oversee the delivery of brand campaigns and a comprehensive consumer press office for a retailer than spans food, GM and fashion products. The job is hugely variable; from sitting on the front row at a fashion show, speaking to journalist contacts at national newspapers to secure coverage for my client, to developing a new strategic brand platform… every day is different, but its always fast paced, fun and requires a lot of coffee! 

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

Not being fired…

What was the most memorable occasion you wore a Libby London dress?

Not sure about a memorable occasion but I absolutely love my Helford dress (I’ve got it in pink) and every time I wear it I’ll get about 10 complements from both clients and my peers as its so striking and obviously not from the high street. 

What piece of career advice would you give to your 20yr old self?

Be proactive, listen more than you speak, seek out an aspirational mentor and learn, learn, learn from them, be honest (and when you mess up admit it), and be humble and friendly – manners and treating people well (at every level) is essential, and will earn you respect. 

Whose style do you admire the most?

For her ability to put together a slick, tailored outfit effortlessly (whether she is popping out to the shops or at a show biz event) it has to be Victoria Beckham. I also love Blake Lively’s style (and her husband), for a timeless, classic style it has to be Duchess of Cambridge for her ability to wear both high street and designer and always look a million dollars.

What has been your worst office fashion faux pas?

In consumer PR the dress code is ‘smart casual’, no one wears suits, so without a set uniform I have had a few disastrous outfits in my career. The worst was when I was a junior in my first job, for some unknown reason I once wore pink knee high boots, an A-line corduroy skirt and a tight top with cut out shoulders to a client meeting. It was so horrendous my boss bought it up in my review… 

Should office wear be fashionable or functional?

I think it should be both - they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. In my line of work I need to nod to latest trends but with long days I also want to be comfortable. Libby London dresses are the ultimate work wear dresses – stylish, practical and functional. What I like most is the dresses have long, to the knee hemlines and there are lots with sleeves. 

If you had to choose working with all women or all men, what would it be?

In my team we are all women, and I love it as we all get on very well and we have a laugh. But I think it’s healthy to have a mix. 

What’s your fantasy alternative job?

I don’t have one, boring I know but I love what I do and I can’t see myself doing anything else.


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