Kay Korsh


Kay wears our Cheltenham Cornflower Blue Wool Coat, £325

How did you become a personal stylist?

I have been in fashion all my life and the majority of the time I was working with and consulting high-end brands, also working with celebrities and editorial. After having my kids, I had lots of doubts because my routine had to change drastically, it was much harder to cater for the stress of different big projects. And also, I always felt fashion is a bit superficial so I wanted to do something that could actually help people. One day, I was dropping my kids off at school, and when I told another mum that I was a fashion stylist she said, “don’t we all need one?” That was the moment things clicked in my head and I was like why didn’t I think of this before? So, I decided to give it a try and it worked really well, and I developed my business. Now I have a membership where I help women embrace their bodies and embrace their style after they go through changes.

What does your typical day look like?

It varies. I always start my day by dropping my kids off at school in the morning and then a lot of the time I work from home and set up my meetings online. I would say 80% of the time I work from home on my computer and sometimes I see clients in their homes or we go shopping.

How do you determine a client’s personal style?

I came up with a framework which I call CEO.
The letter ‘C’ stands for comfort, and this is where we discuss what is comfortable for the client, what sort of shapes and textures the client likes. Some women prefer to dress more modestly and other women more casually, so we take into account their personal comfort levels.
Second, we have the letter ‘E’ which refers to environment. I always think there should be a connection between what you do and what you look like. For instance, if somebody is an expert in natural remedies, but is wearing a strict suit, there would be a disconnect in your head, even if it was just on a subconscious level.
Finally, we have ‘O’ for occasion, here we look at what sort of occasions these clients would have in their lives and what they need clothes for. For example, if they have loads of evening gowns and heels, but never actually go to formal events then perhaps it’s time for a change. Sometimes it’s difficult to let go of things, so we go through different exercises to make it easier.

Any tips for dressing for your shape?

It’s not something I can put in one sentence; everybody is different, and we come in lots of different shapes. The best advice I can give is to remember this and take your shape into account when choosing what to wear and not to be discouraged, finding the right piece for you makes all the difference.

Have you seen clients dressing for work in a different way post-covid?

Yes definitely. The general dress code has become softer and more relaxed. I think there is much more flexibility to what women can wear to the office now. A lot of people now work from home and then they go into the office a couple of days of the week.

Describe your style in three words?

Textured, muted and comfortable.
Kay wears our Bloomsbury Green
Jacquard Dress, £235 (left)



One piece you’re buying for spring to update your look?

I don’t buy many things. I actually do not really work on seasons within my wardrobe in a strict way because there are certain ways to layer things even if they are more summary. It’s more if I come across something I really like then I would get something.

What is the one piece of career advice you would give your 20-year-old self?

Love yourself sounds really cheesy. But I would give myself the tools on how to respect and be kinder to myself versus having a very strong and loud self-critic. So to balance those two sides.

Are there any activities you do to de-stress?

I love watching good shows, I love cycling and I absolutely love spending time with people who I like and having conversations with.

Have you mastered a good work-life balance?

Yes, it’s a luxury to work for yourself, you can be so much more flexible which is especially important when you have kids.


Kay wears our Grosvenor Dress in Navy Jersey £168

Libby wears Salcombe Teal Top, £155 with our Harlequin Navy Suiting Trousers, £145

Kay wears our Darcey Red Ballet Wrap, £135 with our Harlequin Navy Suiting Trousers, £145

Want to find out more about Kay? Visit her at Mind Over Fashion.



Interviewer: Flora Kirby

Photographer: Olivia Bossert

Location: St James, London

Accessories: Kay's own


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